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Welcome to my sacred space for

deep relaxation and healing.

The Healing Room has been in business for 17 years and offers the best in bodywork, intuitive energy work, meditation and holistic classes. My goal as a Practitioner and Teacher is to meet your needs every single visit and to give you the best of myself.

Life is a journey and one made easier when we continually support our wellbeing in body, mind, and spirit. Are you ready to begin your wellness journey?

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You'll receive personalized service at The Healing Room including complimentary hot towels and aromatherapy for bodywork sessions and an atmosphere of true compassion and healing. Leaving the space at the end of your session feeling a sense of calm and wholeness is most important and a priority for me.

You are special and deserve special attention. I allow extra time at the end of each session so there is no rushing. I customize all of my sessions to your needs. If you want more focus on your feet during a massage session, you got it!

My goal is simple - to create balance of body, mind, and spirit.


Reflexology Session

Restorative Massage Therapy

Couples Massage, Event Massage, and

Corporate Chair Massage by request.

Intuitive Services

Reiki Session

Guided Healing Meditation

Remote Reiki/Quantum Healing/Intuitive Reading

30 Minutes - $50

45 Minutes - $80

60 Minutes-$100

90 Minutes-$145

Cash, Check, Credit Card, Venmo, Zelle, and HSA Cards are all accepted. Financial Assistance is available, please call to inquire.

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Schedule online by clicking the link above

or call to schedule at 317.205.1580

Please note my scheduling policies.

*I do not accept text messages from new clients

and do not take same day appointments.

About Me

My name is Amy Barr and first let me introduce myself and give you an idea of why I started my business. On September 11, 2001 I was working a high stress job in television in Washington D.C. Our building was situated directly across the street from the Capitol which we had heard was another target that day. The whole city was fleeing and I watched from six stories high out of our studio window as it was my job to stay and help keep the news going. When I finally got home that evening I felt completely numb and continued to feel that way for days and weeks afterward.

From that day on my life changed and I began to deal with stress related symptoms for years until I made the decision to leave my job and move back home to Indiana in 2005. The events of that day and my hectic job in television was indeed contributing to my stress. I realized that the cause of my issues came directly from that stress which I had no idea how to handle as my body and mind were working in high gear all of the time. I dealt with fear that I later learned came from exhaustion, accumulated energy in my body, and simply not accepting the fact that I had a choice to live a completely different life. From then on I put every effort into finding ways to deal with the anxiety which had led to panic attacks and were becoming debilitating. I started to read books, watch videos, and do online research which is where I found most of the information I needed to find my way into the healing arts. Along with doing meditation on a daily basis I also changed my thinking. I realized that I am indeed in control of my thoughts and well-being. Within three months of doing Qigong meditation, using affirmations, and supporting my body through massage therapy, I was feeling back to my old self. I couldn't believe it only took such a short amount of time but that is what made me a true believer in the intuitive and healing arts. These techniques which many date back thousands of years have stood the test of time. They are still used today and are extremely effective!

People have asked me "what do you do for a living?" and I feel the most authentic answer is that I love people. It is that simple. This is work that I will continue to do for the rest of my life and thank everyone who has helped me reach my potential and supported me throughout the process.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Reflexologist, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Qigong (chee-gung) Meditation Instructor, Certified Qigong Hands-on Healing Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), and owner of The Healing Room.

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Yeager Carmel Office Suites

600 East Carmel Drive, Suite 259

Carmel, IN 46032

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Hours are by appointment only





Sunday 1pm-3pm

Email Address

Phone Number

(317) 205-1580

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Holiday Special

Purchase up to 5 (60 minute gift certificates) for only $70 each.

Enter a custom amount of $70 when purchasing online.

*Gift certificates expire one year from purchase date. May use for any 60 minute service.

*offer ends December 31st, 2023.

New Client Offer

New clients receive 20% off of your first service.

Use code NEWCLIENT when scheduling online.

*offers cannot be combined.

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customer reviews

Amy was very warm and welcoming at the start of the appointment. She made me feel very comfortable from the get go. I've had numerous Reiki experiences with different practitioners. They have all been beneficial in different ways. Amy was able to offer some of the most specific and helpful information, after the session, of anyone I have encountered. She affirmed some things I already knew and shed light on some areas for personal growth. Amy took time to help me process the session and answer all of my questions. I couldn't be happier with my session and look forward to my future healing sessions with Amy.

– Sara, Reiki Client

I felt like I was walking on air after my Reflexology session with Amy and my foot pain is gone!

– Gina, Reflexology Client

There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to Amy for using her gifts in releasing so much depression and hindrances that were upon my soul. I feel rejuvenated, creative and whole again. THANK YOU.

– Chris, Intuitive Reading Client

I had my very first session of Reiki with Amy and I will definitely be going back to her! It's a life altering experience to say the least. I'm so grateful to have found her and her services and I can't wait to see her again!

– Tiffany, Reiki Client

Amy's massages are not only deeply relaxing but also very healing. Thank you for your healing touch.

– Susan, Massage Therapy Client

Thank you Amy for sharing your talents and amazing gift! Not only have you given validation to my thoughts and feelings, but guided me in approaching situations with confidence and clarity. You have helped remind me that things will happen when they're supposed to - on their own time. That alone has helped me in preparing to take on and accept whatever may come my way. I can't express the excitement I have to move forward with this newfound confidence and eagerness to really enjoy life.

– Jill, Reiki Client

​Amy played a key role in my healing process and I am forever grateful.

– Chyanne, Intuitive Reading Client

Want to know more detail about each of my services?

A Reiki Session is a full body Intuitive Energy Healing session using Reiki Energy Work. Reiki is a healing modality which came from Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. It is meant to help bring balance to your body, mind, and spirit. As all of my sessions are highly intuitively led, you will also receive an Intuitive reading of your energy which I will share with you either during or after the session. During this session you will be fully clothed, lying on a massage table as I use a light touch mainly on the legs, feet, head, neck and shoulders. I do what I call my head to toe body scan of your energy first to intuitively get a picture of your energy and then allow the Reiki energy to flow where it needs to. This is a very relaxing and informative session. My Reiki sessions are known for including great amounts of intuitive information. This information is there to help you discover root causes to issues you are having including health, relationships, etc.

A Guided Healing Meditation Session is a powerful energy healing session where I guide you through a meditation to remove energy blockages in your body. Our bodies hold energy, they hold onto trauma both emotional and physical and everything else that we haven't been able to let go of. According to Chinese Medicine, these blockages are what cause dis-ease and all conditions in the body that create discomfort. Qigong meditation and healing work is about getting to the root of the issue, at the quantum level of the body/mind and creating balance through guided Qigong energy exercises and hands-on healing. This has been the most powerful work I've ever done in my life, it is what healed me 20 years ago and now I offer it to help others learn to be their own healers. Once you know how to do this work nearly anything is possible. I will guide you through a cleansing/clearing energy work session as I also use my intuition to gain valuable information to assist in your healing. Together we are able to get to the root causes of issues and release that energy to create balance, wellness, and freedom from negative thinking/energy. This is a 90 minute session with the first 15-30 minutes of a consultation to gain a clearer understanding of your needs followed by a 45-60 minute hands on session with a few minutes afterward to relax after the session. I will give you one or more powerful affirmations to use throughout the days after the session to help your conscious mind focus and create new habits. This is similar to a hypnosis or meditation session where I will guide you through some relaxing imagery to create an avenue to access your subconscious mind where habits we form are running 99.94% of our lives.

Reflexology is the ancient practice of stimulating the pressure points on the feet which correspond with your entire body. This is also an energetic healing practice and is utilized through medium to firm massage and pressure point therapy. This highly relaxing session is especially useful for people in times of high stress and tension and is known for relieving physical and emotional stress and pain. You will be relaxing, fully clothed on a massage table for this session.

A Restorative Massage Therapy Session is a relaxing, healing, and restorative massage using anywhere from light to medium/firm pressure. This session is meant to help relieve sore and tight muscles and facilitate deep relaxation. A full body massage session is a great way to calm the body, mind and spirit while increasing and balancing energy flow and flushing out toxins. A Massage session is customizable to your needs, whether doing a full body massage or just working on certain areas of tension. Experience the best in relaxation through Amy's healing touch. *Although firm pressure may be used, this is not a deep tissue massage. *Male clients by referral only.

On-site Chair Massage and Corporate Wellness provides local companies with chair massage and/or meditation classes led by Amy Barr. Amy has provided corporate chair massage for twelve years and has worked throughout the Indianapolis area for local companies large and small. If you are in need of more than one therapist she has a pool of other amazing therapists for your job. Amy provides the all equipment necessary to relieve stress, promote relaxation and create mind/body balance. Give your employees the gift of relaxation and wellness one time or on a regular basis. Also offering EVENT WELLNESS.

A Remote Reiki/Quantum Healing/Intuitive Reading Session is a fully remote session which will take place in the comfort of your own space. This session combines the best of what I offer including a 60 minute session guided by my intuition and will include Reiki and/or Quantum Healing Energy Work as well as an Intuitive Reading. The first 30 minutes of the session you will be in a calm and quiet space while I perform the energy work. During this time there will be no actual contact. Once the remote "hands on" portion is done I will then call you by phone and we will discuss the intuitive information I received during the session and you may also ask questions. Once you schedule, you will fill out a form in detail which will help me get an understanding of your healing needs. If you have further questions, please feel free to call prior to your session.

Cancellation Policies and Disclaimer

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy and a 15 minute late policy.

*If you need to cancel within 24 hours, please call to confirm cancellation. I understand that emergencies happen therefore if you call to confirm your cancellation within 24 hours, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

*If you do not cancel at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment and do not call to confirm your cancellation, you will be charged the full amount of the service. An invoice will be sent to the email that is on file.

*Due to the time needed to perform each service as described, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment and have not called my office to let me know, you will be charged the full amount of the service and the service will be cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding in my policies. The time I have available to clients is precious and I carefully prepare for each session in both practical terms of setting up my room as well as energetically so I may be at my best for each one of you.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose medical or psychiatric conditions nor prescribe medication concerning medical or psychiatric conditions. Please advise a physician or other qualified healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment of a medical or psychiatric condition. Information provided during any of my sessions is advice based on my own knowledge and understanding and is not a substitute for medical advice or psychiatric care by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

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